Well, this is it Sabres. This is the big dance, the show. This is the day that we have been talking about all month. Thursday is our annual Day of Giving. Every Monday this month I have given you guys a different reason for giving. This week will focus on another aspect of giving. I wanted to highlight three Marian Athletic teams for their commitment towards living out Marian’s core values. The Men’s Volleyball and ACHA held a charity kickball game and brought cans to donate to a local food pantry. The losing team had to collect the cans and take them into the pantry. So, did they really lose? The other team that I wanted to give a shout out to is Women’s Lacrosse. Earlier in the year they spent a Saturday morning with The United Way of Fond du Lac and packed 50,000 bags of food for the Fond du Lac community. These three athletic teams are great examples of giving in ways other than monetary donations.

I know I said I would give you four and a quarter reasons to give this Thursday and I have only given you four. That is because now it’s your turn to give. Consider donating $4.25 to help us achieve this year’s goal of $50,000.

Student volunteersTeam of athletesSammy in the pantry