Jenna is a junior at Marian University majoring in elementary-middle education and pursuing a minor in social studies. Jenna is Marian University’s newest Student Body President! She also stays busy as the MSEA Secretary, a Resident Assistant in Cedar Creek Apartments, and works at the Cardinal-Meyer Library on campus.

“I’m from Freedom, WI. Some interesting facts about me are that I’m a camp counselor over the summers which is where I met my fiancé. We’re not getting married until after I graduate college and he’s out of the military though. I was on the golf team at Marian for one year and I studied abroad in Australia for a semester. I also taught myself how to knit and play the guitar. I started teaching myself over the summer and recently bought one so I’ve been playing for four months. I also like to read.

My dream job would be working in a middle school social studies classroom. I go wherever life takes me I guess. I’m a very day by day person. I’ve always thought it would be pretty cool to go to Thailand and teach English for two years, but I think I’ll end up staying in Wisconsin. I’d want to stay pretty close to my hometown. I like it here. As much as I hate winter, I like it here.

I chose Marian because I really liked the small class sizes. Only having 6 other students in my class might sound a little weird but it’s really cool and I really like it a lot. Everyone is really friendly. When I toured, my tour guide smiled and said hi to every other person because he knew every other person and I thought that was cool.

As the new Student Body President, I look forward to trying to make a difference on this campus. I see and hear people talk about what they want to change about Marian or their complaints about what IS being changed and I’d like to get that across to the administration and staff as much as possible so Marian is better for everyone here now and in the future.”