What will you wear on the red carpet?

The Sammy’s is the biggest event of the year for student-athletes at Marian University. During the ESPY’s style award show, the night will be all about athletics, the biggest plays, the best performances, and the standout moments of the year. But before the lights drop, everyone will be focusing on the red carpet, and what the athletes chose to trade in for their uniforms. Student athletes have to wear uniforms almost every day of their lives, and this is their chance to stand out from their teammates and express themselves. Here’s some advice on what to wear for this year’s “be there or be square” event:

  • Don’t play it safe. The Sammy’s is a “dress to impress” kind of event, so you don’t want to play it safe. The weather is warming up so there shouldn’t be any excuse not to show out.
  • On-trend attire for the ladies. Girls, we expect to see beautiful dresses, rompers, a cool slack and blouse combo, anything that will stand out in the crowd and make you feel your best.
  • Think outside the box, or rather, your dresser. Guys, get a little adventurous and show us what you got! No jeans, maybe a tie or bowtie and sport coat, after all this is about the sports!
  • Be the best “you.” Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to be the best dressed, just dress in something that makes you feel your best!

Good luck to all the nominees and we look forward to seeing you all on the red carpet.

Written by guest blogger: Sarah Angelos, coordinator of external relations, Athletics