Day of givingIt’s Sammy Sabre, back at it again with another reason to give on the Day of Giving on April 25. Last week I highlighted the Marian fund with a great testimony from Brock Weston. This week we are talking about the Working Families Grant Program.

Originally the Working Families Grant Program was called the “Education Grant for Women and Children”. The program started in 1996 as a response to the state’s “Work not Welfare” program. Work not Welfare required participants to work in order to receive benefits. Six years later and a grant from an anonymous donor the program evolved into the Working Families Grant.  The Working Families Grant Program is open to single parents who have primary care of their children and are seeking to earn a bachelor’s degree. The program helps these families by offering them support services, tuition assistance and assistance with rent, childcare and food.  The Working Family Grant has the highest graduation rate of any program at Marian and many of the graduate’s enter “helping professions”. These graduates continue to give back after they graduated from Marian.

A donation to the Working Families Grant Program is not only a donation to a motivated student but also to their children. The Working Families Grant Program is one of many examples of how Marian University lives out our Core Values.