Justin Cooke is a junior at Marian University double majoring in finance and accounting. He has in the recent past played on the Men’s hockey team, and also ran cross country and track. He keeps busy tutoring on campus for general finance and accounting courses.

“I’m originally from Sault ste. Marie, Ontario in Canada. I went to University in Canada before I came here. I like playing hockey, reading, school, all that generic stuff. My parents put me in hockey when I was a little kid and I played all the way up until now, and that’s what brought me to my first University in Canada. So I played for a long time. I miss it. I play for the senior team in town, now, so I get my fix on the weekends and that’s enough.

I’m working for Michel’s Construction Corp. I did my internship with them in the summer and I was asked to go work for them as a Project Engineer in the pipeline division starting right after graduation. I’ll be in Ohio for my first job. It involves a lot of travel and is all over North America.

Originally, I came to Marian for hockey. I was recruited to play and then I came here and gave the business program a whirl and it’s just been awesome and it’s opened some doors for me. My favorite thing about being at Marian is definitely the diverse mix of people that come to this school. You meet a whole array of people from different walks of life. A lot of people say they enjoy the small size of Marian, and it’s definitely a comfortable environment. There’s a lot of opportunity here to take advantage of.