Let’s eat.

Let’s play a game of fill in the blank:

Food on college campuses can be described as _______________.

While you may want to utter a few negative words, college dining options are actually pretty good. Although it may be easy to jet off to one of Fond du Lac’s local restaurants (and don’t get us wrong…they are pretty good…), Marian’s campus dining options are close, offer a variety of options, and are available and open when you need something. Here’s a few fun facts about what’s new in campus dining from Jack Talbot, unit marketing manager with Sodexo.

Did You Know:

  • Campus Dining is more than just a place to eat. It’s a location where you can hang out with friends, stay connected with news, and enjoy your favorite foods and healthy snacks.
  • Pizzas are served at the coffeehouse from 2pm-close. 12 inch pizza is $8 and combo with chips and a fountain drink is $12.  Order it and eat in the comfort of our coffeehouse or take it to your room and share it with friends.
  • Starbucks invites everyone to Winter Specials.  Enjoy a Cold Brew Beverage for $2! In addition, Happy Hour at Starbucks from 2-4pm weekdays.(It’s a 1.2.3 Deal. 1 break time! 2 cups! for $3!)
  • Campus Dining Room at HSC has weekly themed meals! Visit the HSC for this week’s theme!

So whether you’re looking for something to start your day, need a great cup of coffee, or need a late night study snack, campus dining shouldn’t be your last option. Have questions about Campus Dining? Be sure to follow them on Twitter or like them Facebook as “SodexoMU” or visit our website at Marian.sodexomyway.com for the latest specials!