Student Marissa NothemMarissa Nothem is a senior, majoring in middle-secondary education, math, and English, with a minor in theology.

“I’m from Mayville, Wisconsin. I love to read Wicked and just got my third copy. I enjoy swimming. I recently rescued an Australian Cattle Dog mix. His name is Connor. He’s a year old and super sassy!   I use to compete on a parliamentarian procedure team in high school. We even went to nationals. I am an accredited parliamentarian and I’m training to become a licensed one, too. Oh, and I love mangoes!

I love the Marian community and how limitless the options are for everything here. There is a club for everything…or you can start your own. There are a lot of majors to choose from. I’m proof you don’t have to pick just one major, you can basically do them all! I am passionate about what I want to do in life and I will need all three of my majors. Although it is super hard, with good time management and building a good schedule, I’m not burned out at the end of every day.

I am a third-year resident assistant. I’m also the president of the Marian University Student Education Association (MSEA), a member of student senate, and a parliamentarian (I’m even trained in Roberts Rules of Order!)

My advice to other students is to get involved right away. Some people want to wait a semester before they get involved, but waiting won’t get you involved because it is too easy to get comfortable. Getting involved makes college more interesting and this is how you find support systems and life-long friends. Involvement not only creates a good resume, but also creates life skills.”