McKenna Rohan is a senior at Marian University majoring in youth ministry & nonprofit servant leadership with a double minor in religious education and leadership. She is wildly involved on campus as a resident assistant, Student Senate secretary, Advancement Office intern, Honors Program student, Sabre Voice newspaper editor, and academic tutor. During the summer, McKenna works as a summer camp counselor at Camp Tekakwitha in Shawano.

“I grew up in Greenleaf, Wisconsin as the oldest of 4 kids and a chocolate lab. I love doing anything outdoors and especially enjoy running, writing, and shooting photography. A random piece of information about me is that I love listening to bagpipes and Celtic music year-round. I wish my parents would have enrolled me in Irish dance classes when I was a kid.

After I graduate this December, I hope to pursue my Master’s degree in either academic counseling or student affairs. After that, I don’t really have a set course I’m planning to follow. Up to this point, I really have just gone wherever I’m led, so I don’t know where I’ll end up. All I know is that I’d love to have a career focused on helping others, primarily youth or college students.

I can’t put a finger on the reason I chose Marian. I think what ultimately led me here was just the feeling of the University, something I can’t put words to. There was a peacefulness I felt that pushed me to choose this school – and I am so glad I did! I feel like I’ve gotten the most out of my Marian experience because I really have been all across the board in what I’ve decided to do during my time here. Since I started as a freshman, I’ve gone from an undeclared major to education to business to theology before ending up with a self-designed major which encompasses all of the above, and more! Besides hitting almost every academic school, I’ve also been involved in almost every corner of campus including residence life, student senate, athletics (I played on the women’s soccer team when I started), and various campus jobs. Some people might call it being indecisive, and maybe a little bit crazy, but I think it was a pretty good strategy for getting the most out of what Marian has to offer.”