Abbey Chisnell is a senior at Marian University majoring in elementary-middle education, special education, math, and minoring in math education. She is the President of the Marian Student Education Association (MSEA), has been a Student Mentor for 3 years, and works at One Stop. In the past, Abbey has given her time tutoring local high schoolers through Marian’s Upward Bound Math and Science program (UBMS), and tutored at The Learning Center. She was also a Senator on Marian’s Student Senate for 3 years.

“I’m from Markesan, WI. My high school had 200 people and I graduated with a class of 48. I loved the small town. After graduation, I took a semester off and worked at the Markesan elementary school. That’s when I realized I wanted to do elementary education and not high school. So, I started a semester late here at Marian I guess you could say and I commuted at first because I didn’t want to do college. I expected to hate all of my years quite a lot actually. Then, my sophomore year I got involved. After I became a Student Mentor, I started loving it.

Initially, I didn’t know Marian existed really. My parents got their Master’s here so they told me to try it. I came here and had a really good admission counselor. She was super nice about everything and Fond Du Lac is a nice community. So I was like “Actually, I do like it here”. I know my instructors, I have great bosses, and the faculty and staff are really great people.

Ideally, if I could have a job in special education I would probably be the happiest. I would be fine also teaching in a middle school math class or an elementary school. Eventually I will want to get my Master’s in special education and continue doing more things with special education.