PinsonTyrese Pinson is in his second year at Marian University studying marketing with a minor in IT. “I play Point Guard on the basketball team here, I’m a member of TRIO, SAAC, I do some intramural refereeing and I work for the Admission Office.”

“I’m from Racine Wisconsin. I have 2 brothers and one sister. My dad’s a pastor. I played varsity for my high school basketball team for 4 years, I played football also, and I ran track. I want to be a Pharmaceutical Salesman because my dad had a lot of health issues and so I want to get all the medication out there possible for other people to cure their illnesses.

I chose Marian to play basketball and further my education. I like this school because it has a good environment. Everyone knows each other and everyone’s nice to each other, like when you walk around campus everyone says hi to you and it’s just a good environment. It’s a small school and I just like the classroom sizes and I just knew that my professors would work with me because it’s a small campus and they know my name and would help me if I need help. I made the right choice. Different experiences with friends and classes tell me that. Like, I took this career prep class and that just opened up my eyes to know what I had to do to get everything together for my future.”