Marly Thao is a sophomore, double majoring in healthcare administration and management.

“I’m from Sheboygan, Wisconsin. I like to go running. I’m training for a half marathon now. This will be my third one. I like to sing. I recently started going to a new church and I help out with their worship team. I like to watch Law & Order: SVU…I watch each episode at least twice!

I’m a resident assistant (RA) on campus in Naber Hall. This is my first year doing this and I really love it, mostly because I get to help freshmen get excited about things…joining organizations and getting involved around campus. I get to see students build friendships. The RA staff is awesome and they are really helpful and amazing. I’m also part of Leader Side-B. This is a student-led bible study on campus. We meet Monday nights. This group is welcoming to all people and would love to see some new faces. Lastly, I’m the secretary for the Business Club. In the spring we’re planning a mini master’s golf tournament.

What I really like about Marian are the professors in the business program. They are personable and I can talk to them without having to worry about status. They treat me as someone equal. I also really enjoy the services available at Marian. Career Services and the CASE Office are unique features of campus.

My advice to new students is pick your friends wisely. As a freshmen you want to be popular and part of every group. But, remember, the friends you hang out with help define you and shape you to who you are. “