It happens every year. You go to the mailbox – or stop at the bank – and you realize they are closed for the day. And you wonder, “Why?”

Well, it’s President’s Day, and although many may see it as a day of inconvenience in respect to one’s errands, it’s a day of celebration and remembrance of our U.S. Presidents. Originally celebrated on George Washington’s birthday (Feb. 22), it shifted to the third Monday of the February in the late 1960s (here’s more on the origins of President’s Day!)

In honor of President’s Day, we’re giving a shout out to our own President of Marian University – Andrew P. Manion, Ph.D.

  • Favorite sports team: Green Bay Packers
  • Family pets: Manion and his family own two dogs, Guinness and Stella. The Manion family originally were just intending to go “meet” a litter of rescue puppies…and ended up coming home with two of them.
  • Favorite dessert: His wife, Amy’s, pineapple upside-down cake.
  • Favorite time of academic year: An even tie, both the beginning of a new academic year, with its reawakening of campus and the arrival of new and continuing students, as well as the final days of spring semester, characterized by exciting summer opportunities and commencement, especially as the campus community congratulates the graduating class s they venture out into the next chapter of their lives.

As you enjoy the great weather, take a moment to celebrate and remember our inspiring leaders of the United States and Marian University.