Student Felicia Badalamenti Felicia Badalamenti is a freshmen radiologic technology major.

“I’m from Shawano, Wisconsin. I have three brothers; two older and one younger. I like to visit different places and go out and explore new things in my free time. This past summer, I went to Sicily. I have family there. I went to the city in the mountains and to beaches. I loved exploring. I ate a bunch of food, it wasn’t really new to me, but I just loved eating it all!

I like the welcoming community at Marian. I always feel safe here and have no issues with safety. I like the small campus and the fact I can get more attention in the classroom if I need it. There is always help available here.

I am not involved in any clubs or organizations right now. I would like to join something, though. I ask around for ideas and input from others as to what to join.

So far this semester, I’m really finding out new things about myself. Qualities I didn’t even know I had are coming to the surface.

I knew Marian was right for me because I felt very welcomed when I toured. I felt safe and wasn’t afraid to come here. It just felt like home. My advice to students looking for their ‘right college’ is look for your home away from home.”