This time of year, we can easily get caught up in the razzle and dazzle of the holiday lights and gift giving/buying. Why, with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, who wouldn’t?

Also, this time of year is a time of reflection; looking back on the year and appreciating all we have accomplished, seen, done, experienced, and engaged in. This gives us a time to be joyful and find a spirit within to keep going and share with others.

After all the deals, some of us look for meaningful ways to contribute to causes, issues, organizations, or movements we find deep connection to. This is where #GivingTuesday, the worldwide, social phenomenon, comes into play.

Each year, on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, the stage is set for this global, philanthropic act. So, on 11.28.17, please consider making a donation to your favorite non-profit, charitable cause. Whether a small local group or a world-wide organization, any size donation makes a difference.