Student Hannah Koniar Hannah Koniar is a sophomore biology major, looking to pursue physical therapy.

“I’m from New Berlin, Wisconsin. I come from a family of five and I am the youngest. I have a dog named Lemon and a cat named Jake. My sister named both of our pets. My family is very loud and I’m very outgoing. My whole family likes to play hockey. Our favorite professional team is the Washington Capitals.

What I like about the Marian campus is it is small. When I came here to tour and check out campus, it felt like my own little home-away-from home. The people on this campus are really nice and that made it easy to come here and adjust. I can talk to anyone and get to know them.

I’m a student mentor and I love it! I get to help new students, and people in general. I tend to compare myself to the new students. I play on the women’s hockey team. I play defense. I’m also the student senate representative for the student group “Love Your Melon”. Lastly, I’m part SUAVE and the Pre-Health Professional Club.

My advice to people thinking about coming to Marian is don’t knock a small school until you try it. Everyone thinks college is for big schools, but the small campus gets you acclimated to college life and you are able to know more people and you never feel alone. There is community.”