I have the privilege of reading about so many of our students who participate in our Faces of Marian initiative. Almost unequivocally, every one of them says they like Marian because of the small class sizes and the approachability of our faculty.

We’ve seen a lot of bad stuff, some very traumatic experiences, locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. It’s hard to not be informed when we’re inundated with messages on TV, radio, and every social media channel. This stuff can be hard to comprehend.

Going back to my original point: students like Marian for the small classes and faculty who care. Living in the world we live in, these two things are of great importance. When things are going on around us, we can ask our faculty members what it all means. Have an open dialogue about the significance of it. Engage in scholarly inquiry.  And that’s pretty cool.

I realize I’m rather academic-y in this post; however, it’s pretty rad that we have exceptional faculty (staff too!) who will actually take the time to learn about and invest in all Sabres.