Student Taylor BuftonTaylor Bufton is a senior social work/psychology major, minoring in theology and religious education. Taylor is involved with the environmental club and science and math association. She is also a manager at One-Stop.

“I grew up in Sheboygan. I was born in Michigan, but did most of my growing up Sheboygan. I liked Lake Michigan a lot in Sheboygan. The lake, the serenity, views…all that is great.

I was very involved in my high school. Things were small and I could get involved and get to know people. My graduating class was 29. I knew everyone in the whole school. That’s one thing I liked about Marian too. The small classes and being able to know a lot of people.

In high school things were crazy. I and my brother were super involved. My brother played nearly every sport. We went to high school games as a family.

I heard of Marian because it was in the area. I took a tour. I had a feeling while on campus. People said “you’ll know if it’s the right school for you” and I knew! The feeling was good and I wanted to be part of it. I started as a nursing major. I later found that social work and psychology were more of what I wanted to do. I plan on going on to graduate school after I graduate from Marian. I’ll know what graduate school I should go to when I tour and “feel it”.

I got involved early on in my time here at Marian. I went to different clubs and kept meeting new people. My interests grew as I met new people. Professors are available. They are actually invested in your learning.

My advice to freshmen is go and get involved. Go to the Student Involvement Fair (SIF). See what’s available. ”