white rabbitWhite rabbit, white rabbit, white rabbit! This superstition dates back to 1909 where it is found in the Notes and Queries book and reads “My two daughters are in the habit of saying ‘Rabbits!’ on the first day of each month.” This folklore is most often said in Britain and North America, more specifically, in New England.

“White rabbit” or simply “rabbits” is often paired with “pinch punch” which still trends on Twitter today (#PinchPunch). Pinch punch originates from old England in times when people believed in witches. One belief was that salt would melt witches, hence, pinch comes from a pinch of salt and punch was delivered after to banish the witch.

According to playground rules you say white rabbit three times upon waking up on the first day of every month and good luck for that month will be bestowed upon you. If you follow English folklore, you pinch and punch followed by “White rabbits, not return.” This phrase indicates that you can’t be pinched back.

A bit of fun and folklore for you as we begin October!