Although it’s only January 30, many of our Marian Sabres are already looking ahead to spring commencement. I mean, there’s only 102 days until the actual ceremony… who wouldn’t be excited?!?!

For many of our prospective Sabres who are looking to Marian as their next “home away from “home”, it is necessary to be fully informed about college. That’s why we’ve done the work for you. Here’s the top four benefits of choosing a liberal arts college like Marian University.

You’ll learn how to think. 

A Marian University education – and liberal arts education, in general – are focused on helping students become quality critical thinkers and problem solvers, who can be creative, and who can communicate. With the ever-changing workplace, these skills allow students to be adaptive to change, and inspire them to serve as leaders in their respective fields.

You’ll learn how to speak…and write. 

One of the most important skills needed in the workplace is effective communication. A liberal arts education offers curriculum where you can practice and improve your communication skills, as well as provide opportunity to collaborate and be creative and innovative. Just this skill alone offers a variety of versatility for your after graduation.

You’ll earn a well-rounded education. 

Many students may be thinking “I’m a marketing major. Why do I have to take physics?” Or “I’m a nurse. When will I ever use Philosophy?” These are common questions people have when considering a liberal arts education – and rightfully so. These curriculum requirements aid in helping you think outside the box.

You’ll gain an enhanced view on the world…and yourself. 

As you enter a liberal arts education, you’ll be challenged to reflect on who you are and why you are here. A liberal arts education allows you to advance your developing worldview, and see how all aspects of life are interconnected. Those classes you think aren’t relevant to your major? Yep, they will help you better understand all walks of life, and how each of us plays a role in this big world.