moreySami Morey is a junior at Marian University majoring in diagnostic medical sonography with minors in communication and leadership.

“I’m from Ripon, WI. I love spending time with my family and friends. I ride horses. On Monday’s, I teach dance: tap, jazz, ballet, and hip hop in Oshkosh at Richard’s School of the Dance. I choreograph and lesson plan the rest of the week. Last year, I did it voluntarily and this year it’s a paid position. I also work on campus in Graphic Services in the mail room.

Ultimately I’d like to work in a very large children’s hospital working with children with heart conditions. I’d like to specialize in pediatrics. When you apply for clinicals at Marian, you can apply for general or cardiovascular. I chose cardiovascular, so I’ll be studying more of the heart than the general body.

Marian has a great community. It has a great feel. Marian has small class sizes which is a plus for me because I come from a small city, and it’s close to home. When I came on tour, everyone was so great to talk to. My favorite thing about Marian is all the professors. The staff and faculty are absolutely amazing. Working on campus has really taught and shown me that aspect of Marian. Also, the student body is really friendly with each other. You can say hi to a complete stranger and they’ll respond. Marian has a lot of opportunities for students.”