student Jake WeldonJake Weldon is a junior psychology major, minoring in sports and recreation management.

“I’m from Lincoln, Nebraska. I’ve spent quite a bit of time on the east coast. I wanted to come back to the Midwest. My whole family is from the Midwest, Nebraska, and Oklahoma. It’s easier to be 10 hours away from home verses 24 hours from home. I like hanging out with my family.

I played juniors (hockey) traveling up and down the east coast, big cities, and lots of fun. I played in Boston and New York two times a month….it was great! I had the greatest time playing juniors.

I enjoy the people – students, faculty, staff – at Marian. Everyone is so nice and cares about what it is they are doing and what is important to us, the students. I like the class sizes. My brother goes to a giant school. The classes have 300 students and the teachers don’t know who he is. I prefer the personal feel of the smaller school.

I play center on the club hockey team. I’m the captain. I tutor psychology and psychology statistics. I’m in the psychology club and serve as the secretary for the Giving Souls Club on campus. I also work in the Sadoff Gymnasium.

My advice to others considering Marian is don’t be turned away by how small the campus is. Look into what it is going to offer you compared to other schools. The teachers here take interest in who you are and what you want to do. People here will do anything to help you out. Once here, get involved. Go to athletic events, sessions, speakers, and make it fun and enjoyable.”