It’s the last week of classes. And even after months of hard work, your success weighs heavily on your college final exams. Instead of trying to merely “survive” finals week, we’ve compiled a number of ways to improve your stress levels – and your performance – during finals week.

1. Get your schedule.

Finals week compacts all of your final exams and projects into four short days. And although you’ve finally learned your schedule, final exams are scheduled at a different day and time than your regular class time. Be sure you know when and where your finals will be held. Click here to download the full finals schedule.

2. Make sure you have enough sleep.

No one performs well without catching a few Zzz. While developing your schedule, make sure to account for enough time to get some quality sleep. Although the Cardinal Meyer Library will have extended hours, pulling an all-nighter is one of the worst things you can do. Last minute, late night cram sessions are intense and only serve to increase your nervousness.

3. Eat and exercise.

Eating healthy and exercising is always a good idea, especially to ward off the freshman 15 lbs. However, during finals week, many students tend to eat whatever is quick and easy, as well as forget their dedication and motivation to their workout plan. During finals week, make sure you go the extra mile to avoid processed carbohydrates, and ensure your diet includes whole grains, lean proteins, and fresh fruits and veggies. Plus, exercise boosts the blood flow to your brain. Whether it’s a short walk or a few jumping jacks, make sure you take a break and keep your body moving!

4. Study.

By now, you may have experimented with a variety of study methods, and studying is no big deal. However, if you need some help and support with studying, make sure to check out the Learning and Writing Center for support and resources. The human brain is not designed to focus for long periods of time, so make sure to take frequent breaks with studying, and try to switch up topics to give your brain the opportunity to retain more.

5. Put away the phone. And all other distractions.

Whether it’s your phone, tablet, TV, or  your roommate, make sure to put away or remove yourself from all distractions. Too many breaks to check your social media accounts – even “just for a moment” – can be ineffective and divert your attention to topics of a lesser priority.