Unfortunately because of the provisions of our grant, we cannot provide services to you. However, if you click here we have a list of similar programs that do not have the same restrictions on who they can serve.

To determine eligibility, please click here.

The best course of action to talk with a student, parent, or family about eligibility is to be upfront, honest, respectful, and discreet.

Why are the UBMS schools limited to Fond du Lac and Horace Mann? Our high school is not listed, so may I still be considered?

The current grant allows funding for the program to serve those two schools. Unfortunately, we cannot serve other schools at this point.

Yes, you should.

Of the students we serve, 66% of them must meet both the income requirements and the first-generation requirement. The remaining 33% may meet one or the other.

If you are eligible, your application will be kept on file for review. In some cases this program would not be a good fit for a student. Otherwise a waiting list will be kept and students will be contacted as space becomes available.