Submit the FAFSA for the upcoming academic year as soon as possible after it becomes available on October 1 of each year, for maximum consideration for federal, state and institutional aid. We suggest that all required paperwork be submitted as soon as possible.

Yes. Marian University is proud to serve as a military friendly school. Please contact your military branch to have transcripts mailed to Marian during the Application process.

Please log onto your MyFinancialAid account at Once logged in, click on the Accept Aid tab, then read and accept the “Terms and Conditions.”  You will then have the option to accept or decline each aid amount, or reduce your loans.

Many students pay for their books out-of-pocket. If you are expecting a refund from your financial aid (because your aid award is larger than your bill) then you can use the money to reimburse yourself.

Marian University does have a bookstore where students can purchase books, apparel, and school supplies. The bookstore will price match with Amazon and Barnes & Noble;  price difference comes back as a gift card that can be used on future purchases. For questions, comments, or concerns, please contact the bookstore directly by email or call: 920.923.7166.

Academic and partnership scholarships are awarded to traditional undergraduate students as a part of the acceptance process to Marian University. We carefully consider the academic credentials of each candidate and additional merit based grants and scholarships are available.

Need-based Aid: Need-based assistance is determined on the basis of “financial need,” which is defined as the difference between family resources and educational costs.  Eligibility for need-based aids, such as scholarships, grants, loans and student employment is determined after submitting the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Consideration for all financial aid occurs only after your admission to Marian University has been confirmed, and we have received your processed FAFSA.

Marian University does have a bookstore where students can purchase books, apparel, and school supplies. The bookstore will price match with Amazon and Barnes & Noble;  price difference comes back as a gift card that can be used on future purchases. For questions, comments, or concerns, please contact the bookstore directly by email or call: 920.923.7166.

If you have attended other regionally or nationally accredited institutions, please forward all official transcripts to:

Marian University
Adult and Online Studies Admission
45 S. National Avenue
Fond du Lac, WI 54935

For more detailed questions, we encourage you to contact our Office of Financial Aid at 920.923.7614 or via email at

The length of time to complete a program at Marian is dependent on the number of credits offered in the program and number of credits transferred.

Graduate programs can vary from 18 months to 2 1/2 years.

For those in the undergraduate program, Marian accepts up to 90-96 credits based on the academic program, 30 of which can come from documented work and life experience.

All transfer credits are reviewed prior to transfer.

Students may also choose to explore CLEP exams.

The Federal Processing Center selects FAFSA applications for verification. You can tell if your application has been selected by reading the comment section on your Student Aid Report (SAR). A financial aid counselor may also select your application for verification – this is called institutional verification.

If your FAFSA is selected for verification, you may be asked to complete the IRS Data Retrieval Tool for student and/or parent tax information on your FAFSA. Click here to view a step-by-step guide to completing this requirement.

If you are ineligible or choose not to use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool, you are instead required to submit the applicable IRS Tax Return Transcript(s) and a copy of all W-2s used in filing taxes. You can request a Tax Return Transcript from the IRS free-of-charge using one of the methods below:

Submit your request in person at an IRS Taxpayer Assistance Center.

When you apply, please indicate on your application that you are a veteran.

Marian University has a veteran’s administrator on campus to assist with your benefits administration. Contact the Registrar’s Office at:

It may change. If you switch from living on campus to off or vice-versa, your aid will need to be reviewed again.  If you switch from one type of on-campus housing option to another, no review is needed.  Please contact the Office of Financial Aid if you change your housing arrangements.

If you are attending for the fall and spring semester, your financial aid is for the academic year, but will be credited to your account one semester at a time. If you are attending for only one semester, your financial aid will be credited to your account for only that semester.

Complete the FAFSA as soon as you can. The financial aid staff will keep your application on file until they receive notice that you have been accepted to Marian University.

Federal regulations require us to consider all outside resources as a part of your financial aid award, so please notify the Office of Financial Aid ( or 920.923.7614) if you have been awarded scholarships dollars or you will receive funds from an outside organization/source. Notification of a student receiving these types of funds or tuition reimbursement may result in an adjustment of some other forms of financial aid.

Loss of a job or benefits, death in the family, divorce or separation, or high paid medical bills are examples of special circumstances that can change your financial aid eligibility. Please contact the Office of Financial Aid ( or 920.923.7614) and one of our counselors will work with you to ensure you are considered for any additional financial aid assistance you may be eligible to receive.

Marian University’s federal school code is 003861. You will need this number when filling out your FAFSA. By listing Marian’s code, we will receive your FAFSA application electronically.

The EFC or Expected Family Contribution, is the dollar amount representing how much of a family’s financial resources should be available to help pay for school. It is derived from a formula created by Congress and it utilizes various data acquired from the FAFSA for its calculations, such as the student’s and/or parents’ Adjusted Gross Income (AGI), assets (savings and checking accounts), and benefits. The EFC is subtracted from the school’s Cost of Attendance (tuition, books, fees and living expenses) to determine eligibility for Federal need-based aid.

Undergraduate (bachelor’s degree) courses are offered in an accelerated format, where most classes meet one night per week, 6-10 p.m., lasting seven weeks.

As additional programs/degrees are offered, delivery may vary.

There may be additional loan options such as Parent Plus Loan, Alternative Loans, or outside scholarship options available to you. Marian University also offers different payment plans to help make a Marian education more affordable.

For questions regarding TMS, your billing statement, refund checks, or payments please contact the Office of Business and Finances. The Office of Business and Finances can be reached at 920.923.8551 or

For questions regarding your financial aid award, your MyFinancial Aid Account, or additional financial assistance contact the Office of Financial Aid. The Office of Financial Aid can be reached at 920.923.7614 or

Allow approximately two weeks for the federal processing of your FAFSA, which you file online at Once the financial aid staff receives this information, a financial aid package will be determined unless further information is required. The amount of time between receipt of application and determination of aid varies, but it is generally within three weeks. Returning students are processed when fall semester grades have been posted and Satisfactory Academic Progress has been verified. Typically, award packages for returning students will be processed beginning in February.

In order for financial aid to be applied your account on the first day of classes, make sure that all documents on your To Do List are received and you have accepted your financial aid. If you are expecting a refund (because your aid award is larger than your bill) it can be picked up at the Office of Business and Finance in Duplex 18.  To verify if a refund check is available, please contact the Office of Business and Finance 920.923.8551.

Marian instructors hold a minimum of a master’s degree, with many bringing hands-on experience in their area of expertise.

Once you move through the admission process, you will be assigned an academic advisor. That advisor will assist you throughout your time at Marian University up to and through graduation.

Advisors vary based on program.

Your financial aid eligibility is based on many variables. For traditional undergraduates these variables could include your FAFSA information, academic performance, and housing arrangements. Your aid may be influenced by a change in your EFC, an increase or decrease in federal and state funding, or by filing your FAFSA late.  All students who wish to continue to receive financial assistance must submit the FAFSA every year.