Marian University holds a core value for learning as a lifelong process of development and transformation, expressed as follows:

We engage in a collaborative lifelong process of seeking truth and appropriating knowledge and values to transform the individual, our communities and the world.

This value is at the heart of our teaching mission, and is embedded in the processes that we use to assess learning and evaluate our effectiveness in achieving the education of the whole person to both transform and be transformed. Where do we find evidence of student learning that will aid us in achieving this goal?

frameworkFoundations: Learning in the Liberal Arts Core Curriculum (LACC)

In 2006, Marian University was inspired to develop a liberal arts core curriculum that developed the knowledge, skills, and habits of mind that reflect the promise that liberal education holds for the future of the United States and of the world. This learning is considered foundational to learning in all undergraduate programs offered through the institution. Evidence of foundational student learning comes from embedded assessment measures in the courses that comprise the core.

Developing Expertise and Mastery: Learning in Academic and Co-Curricular Programs

All academic programs and co-curricular experiences such are designed to build upon foundational learning and develop expertise and a level of mastery within a discipline or field. Learning outcomes and mastery benchmarks are differentiated at the undergraduate and graduate program levels. The evidence of developing expertise and mastery is based on assessment processes aligned to national standards in the discipline and often include nationally normed assessments of learning completed at during the final semester in the program.

Engagement: Learning Through Higher Education at Marian University

Learning at Marian University doesn’t take place only in classrooms. It takes place in a space that is defined by the people,communities, shared activities, physical space, and intellectual traditions we encounter through Marian University. We all learn from each other through our engagement in designed activities and projects. We also learn when we work together to resolve unscripted and unexpected challenges encountered along the way. Evidence of student learning through engagement is based on measures and processes aligned to CAS Student Learning and Development Outcomes.

The links on this page will take you to reports on evidence of student learning in all three functional areas of life and work at Marian University.

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