Celebrating a welcoming and inclusive campus

Marian’s Diversity Statement

Marian University is committed to creating and maintaining a welcoming and inclusive campus environment. The shared responsibility of student success requires a comprehensive approach to providing resources and support for students of all backgrounds and cultures and is critical to retaining and graduating culturally competent students who contribute positively to local and global communities. Marian University will continue to build on the legacy of the Congregation Sisters of St. Agnes with our commitment to social justice by creating individual and societal change that supports the value, dignity, and opportunity of every person.

Core Values

Our five core values inspire everything we do at Marian University—in the classroom, in activities in service to others and in our relationships with each other.


Respecting our diversity as individuals, we encourage, challenge and nurture one another, joining together to accomplish our shared mission and vision.


We engage in a collaborative lifelong process of seeking truth and appropriating knowledge and values to transform the individual, our communities and the world.


Through active service and ministry, we support one another and seek to meet the needs of the larger community.

Social Justice

We work to create individual and societal change which supports the value, dignity and opportunity of every person.

Spiritual Traditions

Valuing Marian’s Catholic religious heritage, we respect each individual’s freedom to explore a diversity of spiritual beliefs.