This minor is available to all students, but will be of greater interest to students majoring in elementary-middle education. The minor is comprised of a series of courses designed to satisfy the requirements of the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction for a science minor, for certification in grades 1-6 and/or grades 1-9.

29 credits as follows:
25 credits:
BIO 104 Environmental Science & Lab, 4 cr.
CHE 101 Principles of Chemistry I, 4 cr.
CHE 102 Principles of Chemistry II, 4 cr.
PHS 108 Earth Science & Lab, 4 cr.
PHS 110 Introduction to Meteorology & Lab, 4 cr.
PHS 211 Elementary Physics, 5 cr.

4 credits from the following:
BIO 102 Biological Principles II & Lab, 4 cr.
BIO 100 Life Systems, 3 cr.
BIO 150 Life Systems Laboratory, 1 cr.

Mathematics and natural science prerequisites:
BIO 101 Biological Principles I and Lab, 4 cr. (if taking BIO 102)
MAT 112 Pre-Calculus Mathematics, 5 cr.


MAT 114 Algebra and Trigonometry, 4 cr.

Students seeking certification for grades 1-9 must also student teach in their minor in the middle school.

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