The MIS minor is designed to augment majors in business and other fields to provide a valuable foundation in the primary information system areas a student is likely to see after graduation.  After a required foundational course, students will be required to take coursework in data structures, digital media, and analytics. A student may then choose an elective most closely related to their major to complete this minor.

15-18 credits:

Preparatory course (non-business majors only) 3 credits

BUA 101 Introduction to Business, 3 cr.
MGT 213 Principles of Management, 3 cr.

Foundation Requirement 3 credits

TEC 102 Computer Software Applications, 3 cr.
TEC 200 Fundamentals of Information Technology, 3 cr.

Data Structures Requirement 3 credits

TEC 280 Programming and Data Structures, 3 cr.
TEC 310 Database Management, 3 cr.

Digital Media Requirement 3 credits

TEC 314 E-Business and Digital Technologies, 3 cr.
COM 333 Digital Media Applications, 3 cr.

Analytics Requirement

TEC 403 Advanced Computer Applications & Analytics, 3 cr.

Elective 3 credits

ACC 308 Accounting Software, 3 cr.
MGT 330 Supply Chain Management, 3 cr.
MGT 421 Project Management, 3 cr.
TEC 305 Enterprise Resource Applications, 3 cr.
TEC 404 Special Topics in Information Technology, 3 cr.
An extra course from the Data Structures or Digital Media requirements may also serve as an elective   



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