(This certificate program does not qualify for Federal Financial Aid)

The leadership certificate helps students shape their own leadership vision based on the core values of Marian University and the principles of transformational and servant leadership. The certificate in leadership incorporates coursework that provides students with a foundation in leadership theory as it is linked to personal spirituality. Service learning is an important element of the leadership seminar courses.

12 credits:

LDR 200 Introduction to Leading and Leadership, 3 cr.
LDR/THE 225 Theology of Leadership, 3 cr.
LDR 300 Spirituality Integration Seminar, 1 cr.
LDR 350 Leadership Integration Seminar, 1 cr.
LDR 400 Values Development in Leadership, 3 cr.
LDR 450 Leadership Capstone Seminar, 1 cr.

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