The data analytics minor focuses on the implementation, analysis, and interpretation of insights from data of various sources. The program includes coursework in programming, database management, and mathematics. These components are based on industry identified competencies recommended in the field by employers who hire data analysts. The skills and knowledge required for this comprehensive program cut across core disciplines of information systems, computer science, mathematics, and statistics.

17 credits as follows:

DAT 101 Intro to Data Science, 3 cr

DAT 201 Disciplines of Data Science, 1 cr

DAT 210, Data Analytics and Data Mining, 1 cr

PSY 210 Applied Statistics for Social Science, 3 cr


BUA 210 Statistical Techniques for Research, 3 cr

TEC 280 Intro to Programming & Data Structures, 3 cr

TEC 212 Computer Programming I, 3 cr

TEC 403 Advanced Computer Apps for Business, 3 cr


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