frameworkMarian University’s Institutional Self-Study and Evaluation system includes planning at three levels, in all functional areas – including academic and co-curricular programs, student engagement, and administrative support and governance.

Designing and sustaining a system for assuring learning in accord with Marian University’s core values is a grassroots process.  Our current design and strategic plan is the third iteration of a process first undertaken in 1992 with the formation of the Taskforce on the Assessment of Academic Outcomes.

Over time, Marian has identified important learning outcomes; our programs have designed plans to systematically assess learning aligned to those outcomes.  Programs use that evidence of learning to make decisions about curriculum, development, and resource use.

As an institution, Marian University uses the embedded assessment of learning in programs, and performance on nationally normed assessments of both learning and engagement to benchmark our effectiveness in assuring our highly valued learning outcomes.

The links on this page will take you to information about the theory and research that we used to design our system; the standards we’ve adopted, and the outcomes of both internal and external evaluations of our work.

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