This course provides a review of foundational information on the principles of x-ray generation including the various components, circuitry and physics necessary for the production of ionizing radiation.  The various components of the fluoroscopic imaging chain will be discussed.  A review of radiation protection measures to reduce occupational and non-occupational exposure during the performance of fluoroscopic procedures will be covered as well.  This course also provides foundational information on the requirements and standards for equipment monitoring to assure consistency that is necessary for the production of quality radiographic images as well as to maintaining occupational and non-occupational exposure to as low as reasonably achievable.  This course also provides introductory discussion on linear tomography, interventional radiology/cardiology imaging equipment, bone densitometry, mammography imaging equipment, digital tomosynthesis and positron emission tomography.  Various tests and procedures necessary for Quality Control and Quality Assurance programs, including state and federal requirements, will be discussed.