This course examines trends and issues in the delivery of public safety issues and services. It explores strategic innovations such as community policing, problem-oriented policing, disorder-based policing, Intelligence-Led Policing and the use of technologies. It discusses criminal justice effectiveness and reviews what research tells us about ‘what works’. The course also examines issues of law legitimacy and accountability, corruption, regulating use of force and brutality, special and legal issues in policing as well as in a law enforcement agency, and the challenges involved in ensuring that criminal justice professional’s behavior conforms with democratic principles such as fairness, equity, access to justice and respect for human rights. It also looks at issues of equity and diversity as regards to women in the criminal justice arena and relationships with ethnic minority communities. Finally, it sketches and assesses developments in private policing, both domestically and globally. While this class focuses on critical issues in the United States, it offers a global perspective and incorporates examples from different parts of the world.