To provide students with the facility to explore current issues and challenges which are facing the international community. Current global and regional issues of concern for the United Nations include,
but are not limited to; World Trade Organization Goals for Reducing Subsidies & Tariffs, Protecting Human Rights in Combating Terrorism, The Role of Women in Development, and the Role of the UN in Compliance to
Nuclear Disarmament. Students will be participating in a regional or national conference(s) at which students will be discussing issues facing the international community with other college students from across the
globe. In Model UN conferences, students experience negotiation and diplomacy hands-on by being a delegate representing a country. While it is not a requirement for students to take BUA 221 Model UN I (Fall Semester)
as a prerequisite, it is strongly recommended because it provides students with the necessary issue knowledge and team building skills that are required for competing at conferences.


Course Fee: $75.00 Business P