Chris, a 2006 biology graduate from Nigeria, later graduated from Rosalind Franklin School of Medicine in Chicago. Christopher arrived at Marian from Nigeria as a 16-year-old graduate of a British-system Catholic secondary school. His father is a tribal elder and physician working in a Nigerian city, donating his time and expertise to his tribe whenever he returns to his village. Chris quickly found faculty mentors on campus — Dr. Lance Urven, a biology professor and academic advisor, Dr. Michael Ketterhagen in theology, and Dr. Sheryl Ayala, then Vice President for Academic Affairs and Biology faculty member.  Chris tutored numerous courses, led a select team of upperclassmen in a self-directed study doing cadaver dissection, worked as a phlebotomist at Consultants Laboratory, and served as a resident assistant on campus. He did a senior research project under Dr. Urven’s guidance in the Department of Genetics at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, studying aspects of cell division in zebrafish embryos, using state-of-the-art staining and fluorescent visualization microscopy.  Chris is now a practicing emergency room physician in Atlanta, Georgia.