Exploring the world of business.

Choosing a degree in finance is primarily about managing money, both for individuals and organizations. With this passion for the business field, you’ll find Marian’s finance program provides you with a foundation in financial management that will prepare you for a variety of careers after graduation.

Inspiring future leaders, Marian’s business programs prepare students for all facets of the business world.  Learn more about the business programs here at Marian.

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Learn About a Finance Degree from Marian University

Listen to Doctor Alan Dixon, Chair of the Business Department, as he describes the various business degrees offered by Marian University. Choose a specialty in sport and recreation management, general business, marketing, accounting, health care administration, human resources, organization, or finance. Professors bring topics to life through their real world experience in running companies and managing staff. Courses teach you about businesses not only from a local/regional perspective but also from an interconnected global perspective. Discuss current events and how to survive and thrive in different economic conditions. Participate in an internship where you spend between 150 and 300 hours at a business either in the U.S. or abroad.