Bachelor of Science in English Education

Combine your passion for literature with your desire to help others grow with a BS in English Education.

Those looking to share their love for reading and writing with middle and high school students can become effective and influential teachers by entering the Marian University Bachelor of Science in English Education program. Upon graduation, our students are ready for licensure in Wisconsin, having been given the knowledge, skills, and hands-on experience needed to lead classrooms and create memorable interactions.

Those in the BS in English Education program read literature from a diversity of cultures, contexts, and perspectives to help enhance their skills. Students have the opportunity to write individual creative works while learning a foundation of knowledge in student-centered teaching methods, effective classroom management, and assessment. After completion of the Bachelor of Science in English Education program, graduates are able to design coursework effectively by using a variety of strategies and will feel comfortable adapting instruction to encourage the development of critical thinking, problem solving, and performance skills for all students.

Become an English teacher and share your passion for literature

Job Outlook for Teachers

Career Paths Median Salary Job Growth
Elementary School Teacher $59,450 3%
Middle School Teacher $59,660 3%
High School Teacher $61,660 4%

Source: BLS 8/1/2020

Welcome to the Teacher Education Program

Listen to Phil Johnson, Education Instructor, as he tells you how to become a teacher at Marian University. All instructors have real world, K-12 experience, and bring you their expertise in both public and private education. Marian’s program is unique in that starting in your freshman year, you get real classroom interaction and observation. Small class sizes and courses that match up with field experiences are additional benefits. Many of our students have jobs prior to graduation.

“My educational experience at Marian University taught me to continually make the effort to not just teach and instruct with a growth mindset, but to live daily life with humility. I learned that the well-being of my future students should always be my top priority, because they might not have anyone else looking out for their best interest beyond education.”

Corbin Thompson
– 2019 Marian University Graduate, Middle School ELA Teacher in the New Holstein, Wisconsin School District

Bachelor of Science in English Education Curriculum

We prepare students in the Marian University English Education program to meet the challenges of today’s schools by giving them the skills they need to positively impact their classrooms and function effectively as a teacher. Those in the program gain the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to develop the pedagogical, content, and technological skills necessary to help children. This is accomplished through extensive field experiences connected to coursework that addresses how children learn and how classroom instruction can be effective.

Wisconsin DPI Licensure: Early Adolescence-Adolescence Education ages 10-21 (grades 5-12)

Academic Catalog

General Education Courses

As a bachelor’s level student, you are required to take about 30 credits of general education courses as part of the 120 credits required for a bachelor’s degree.  Gen eds are required regardless of your major.

All students take 10.5 to 17 credits in these areas:

  • Mathematical Reasoning
  • Argumentative and Research Writing
  • Introduction to Christian Theology
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Introduction to Ethical Reasoning
  • First Year Studies

Core Courses

English Education majors will take courses covering topics such as:

  • English curriculum and methods
  • Academic literacy
  • Creative writing
  • Educating exceptional children
  • British literature or Shakespeare

Please visit the Bachelor of Science in Elementary-Middle Education program webpage to read the Professional Standards of Marian University’s education programs.

Please visit the Bachelor of Science in Elementary-Middle Education program webpage to read the Admission Progression Criteria of Marian University’s Education programs.