Marian University’s Institutional Self-Study and Evaluation system includes planning at three levels, in all functional areas – including academic and co-curricular programs, student engagement, and administrative support and governance.


Systematic assessment and assurance for learning is an open cycle of research in action.  Action takes place at three levels – the course or activity, the program, and the institution – and focuses on gathering valid evidence of learning outcomes.

Once that evidence is gathered, it is evaluated.  Did we learn as intended? What worked? What didn’t?

frameworkWe then come together to respond to the evidence. Is there research that might explain what we see? What do we know from our collective scholarship, expertise and perspectives that relates to this challenge? What do we decide to do?

Once we’ve reached a decision, we then design a response and plan to put it into…action again.  But the action is not the same as the one we took before, and it is taken in response to a different challenge. Over time, this action research cycle leads to changes in the policy, practices, and structures of Marian University as we work to become as effective as possible in achieving our mission.

The link on this page will take you to information about assessment and action plans at the program and institutional levels.

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