The Marian Campaign was established to help current and future Sabres have access to the critical programs, scholarships, and emergency funds they need to ensure their educational journey is not only world-class, but also one they can afford.

The Marian Campaign results in transformative upgrades and changes that directly impact the students we serve. Your donation will help provide them with tools to thrive in careers, programs in areas of great opportunity, and facilities to forge ahead and reach their full potential. Marian University is the pathway to opportunity for many, and your investment is a powerful gesture that will directly lead to the future success of our students.

As the only private faith-based applied liberal arts university in Fond du Lac, Marian University is a critical resource for professional development and economic growth in the Fox Valley and Central Wisconsin – which it’s been for the past 80 years. While we serve the students of tomorrow, we also stand as a resource for local teachers, families, communities and the businesses they support who are always looking for the next great employee.

“We can always count on each other because we are a community that helps out its own. Right now, our Sabres need you, and no matter the amount of your gift, your support will help them graduate stronger, brighter, and with a renewed faith in the generosity of others.”

Michelle Majewski, PsyD, Acting President, Marian University