Whether your connection to Marian University is as a student, alumni, or someone who’s just passionate about helping others receive a quality educational experience, your gift will make a positive impact on our institution now and into the future.

The gifts we receive from our alumni and friends help us directly sustain the offerings our Sabres need in order to sustain their success and be able to give back to their communities.

At Marian University, no matter the gift, each one matters and helps us grow.

  • How monetary donations help Marian University
    • No matter the amount, your gift allows us to not only support our current students, but our future ones. Not to mention, it leaves a lasting legacy that will help others give back to communities all over the US.
  • How your support helps Marian University gain notoriety
    • National publications, such as U.S. News and World Report, often consider the support institutions receive from their alumni and friends when conducting their rankings and analyzing school reputations. Your gift will help us let know more people about the educational excellence offered at Marian University.
  • How your gift inspires others to succeed
    • When you support Marian University, it showcases your appreciation for quality education, and in turn others will be motivated to follow your lead and contribute to the learning community that matters most to you. Through your support our students will come to appreciate the significance of helpings others, which will no doubt be felt by those they interact with following their graduation.

For more information on how you can help Marian University, contact Carey Gardin in the Office of the President at 920.923.7617.