Whether you experienced Marian firsthand, or are passionate about the quality educational experience, your gift to Marian University makes a positive difference in the lives of our students and beyond.

Gifts from alumni, families and friends of Marian University directly sustain the success and future of the Marian community. At Marian, every gift matters.

  • Gifts to Marian help the university raise money. 
    • No matter the amount, a gift to Marian allows the university to support students – and has a multiplier effect for the future success of the community.
  • Every gift supports the University’s national ranking.
    • National publications, such as the U.S News and World Report, often consider alumni giving and participation when affirming the university’s rank and reputation. Your gift to Marian University sustains Marian’s reputation for excellence and success.
  • Gifts to Marian inspire others to succeed.
    • Your support of Marian shows that the Marian community matters to you, and in turn matters to others. Through your support,students are inspired to attend Marian and make a difference in their future.

For more information on giving to Marian University, contact Jessica Smith, Director of Advancement Services, at advancement@marianuniversity.edu or at 920.923.7613.