Legacy award logoAs you know, at Marian University our mission is to enhance the lives of every student who enrolls. We join a community of lifelong learners who are focused on supporting excellence in education and service to the community. Over the past four years, Marian has enrolled over 100 students who were eligible for our Legacy Award*. That means, over 100 current students have either a sibling, parent, legal guardian, spouse or grandparent who graduated from this great institution.  Thank you, Marian alumni, for sharing your stories, experiences, and pride with family and encouraging the next generation to continue your legacy at Marian University.

Please continue to share your Marian pride with family members as we award Legacy-Award-eligible students with a $1,500 per year award, on top of the merit-based scholarships the student will receive upon acceptance.


*Recipients must be enrolled full time in a traditional undergraduate program and have a parent, legal guardian, grandparent, spouse, or sibling who graduated from Marian University (College) of Wisconsin.

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