Matt graduated from Marian in 1998.  He came to Marian from a small rural farming community in central Wisconsin.  Matt was a first-generation college student and chose Marian because it was small and close to home. Marian offered the cytotechnology major in which he was interested and his sister was a very satisfied third-year nursing student here, as well. He continued to pursue his narrowly focused goals in cytotechnology until he was invited to participate in a Human Cadaver Dissection program after excelling in Marian’s Anatomy and Physiology class. As a result of his newly developing educational goals, Matt applied to graduate programs in Anatomy and Cell Biology.  He was accepted in multiple selective graduate programs including the University of Wisconsin–Madison and the University of Iowa. He chose to enroll in the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology at Iowa. While in graduate school, Matt wrote an award-winning grant proposal and conducted post-doctoral research at the University of Iowa’s School of Medicine — one of the most respected medical research programs in the country. Dr. Zimmerman is now Associate Professor in the Department of Cellular and Integrative Physiology at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, where he has been the recipient of numerous federal grants and oversees a large, highly productive research laboratory.