To meet the evolving needs of education in the sciences, mathematics, and health professions, Marian University is renovating the Ben Sadoff Science Hall, renaming it the Dr. Richard and Leslie Ridenour Science  Center.

The new science center will boast a two-story addition along the south side of the current building and will increase the building footprint nearly 60%.  The expansion will accommodate eight new, state-of-the-art teaching laboratories with adjacent prep spaces and several study areas for students.  The renovation will also include retrofitting old laboratories into new interactive learning spaces, additional student study space, dedicated student and faculty research space, and faculty pods that will encourage both collegial and student interaction.

Why now? To best suit the needs of today’s 21st century learner, Marian University must update this facility with modern technology and equipment to meet the demands of industry. Additionally, Marian’s increasing population of students pursuing degrees in either science or health-related majors need access to top-of-the-line tools to ensure relevant experience that matches today’s demands.

It is imperative Marian University, as an institution of higher education, helps increase the number of students who choose a career in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) fields, a step which will allow graduates to take a larger role in health care, biomedical, biotechnical, and environmental research.  “STEM jobs offer the highest salaries, on average, for college graduates in the near term and ultimately careerwise” (College Choice, 2017).

Marian is in a position to play a larger role in health care and science education based on its historic mission of providing access to higher education to first-generation college students, nontraditional age, and single-parent students.  Marian’s core values, which frame all aspects of learning at the University, help provide students with broader perspectives; highly-developed critical thinking and reasoning skills; and a sense of the requirement of service to their community and beyond as Marian graduates.

As a community committed to learning, dedicated to service and social justice, and joined together by spiritual traditions, Marian makes a significant difference in the lives of people in Wisconsin, the nation, and the world. The new Dr. Richard and Leslie Ridenour Science Center will help Marian fulfill this mission in the 21st century and beyond.

How can you help? The United States if facing a shortage of educated workers in key STEM areas. Imagine being part of the team that aids these men and women who engage in these subjects through financial support, preparing them to be tomorrow’s leaders, leaders who not only are experts in their respective fields, but leaders with global perspective, ethics, values, a sense of duty, and the ability to understand and lead others.

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Need a little more incentive? Read about graduates from Marian University who are now successful in their field because of the education they received here.

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