Christopher Kene Nwoye, a 2006 biology graduate from Nigeria, later graduated from Rosalind Franklin School of Medicine in Chicago. Christopher arrived at Marian from Nigeria as a 16-year-old graduate of a British-system Catholic secondary school. His father is a tribal elder and physician working in a Nigerian city, donating his time and expertise to his tribe whenever he returns to his village. Chris quickly found faculty mentors on campus — Dr. Lance Urven, a biology professor and academic advisor, Dr. Michael Ketterhagen in theology, and Dr. Sheryl Ayala, then Vice President for Academic Affairs and Professor of Biology.  Chris tutored numerous courses, led a select team of upperclassmen in a self-directed study doing cadaver dissection, worked as a phlebotomist at Consultants Laboratory, and served as a resident assistant on campus. He did a senior research project under Dr. Urven’s guidance in the Department of Genetics at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, studying aspects of cell division in zebrafish embryos, using state of the art staining and fluorescent visualization microscopy.  Chris is now a practicing emergency room physician in Atlanta, Georgia.