Look to MPath When Choosing Your Online Graduate Program

Having the desire for a brighter future is easy. Moving on it, striving for it, and making it happen…that’s the part that distinguishes ordinary professionals from extraordinary ones.  Completing an online graduate program sets apart individuals like you.

That’s why, at Marian University, we’ve designed our master’s and certificate programs the way we have in MPath. A carefully crafted approach that matches quality instruction from experts throughout our state with the personalized support, affordability, and convenience that is essential to you and your future.

Master of Science

Master of Science in Industrial Organizational Psychology*
Master of Science in Professional Practice in Public Safety*
Master of Science in Management*
Master of Science in Thanatology*

Master of Science in Nursing

Family Nurse Practitioner**

Master of Arts in Education

Areas of Focus:
At-Risk and Alternative Education*
Special Education* (with license)
Teacher Education* (with license)

Certificate Programs

Thanatology Certificate*
Post-Graduate Family Nurse Practitioner Certificate**

K-12 Educator Licensure Only Programs

Alternative Education License*
Reading Teacher License*


MPath students progress through their chosen program following a clear path of success laid out before them. As a professional, independent learner, you’ll benefit from a student-centered approach that supports and recognizes where you come from and what you need to move forward.  Whether your program incorporates 4-week, 7-week, or 15-week courses, Marian understands what it means to fit studying into a busy schedule.


*100% online graduate program
**Hybrid format (combination of online and on-campus learning)