Application Process

Disbursement Procedure

Aid cannot be applied to your tuition until you are enrolled at least half-time (6 credits undergraduate/3 credits graduate) and all requested documentation has been completed.

Your aid will be credited directly to your account at the Office of Business and Finance.   If your financial aid does not cover your charges, you are expected to pay the difference or select a payment plan. If your financial aid including loans exceeds your charges you may be eligible for a refund check. Refund checks will be issued by the Office of Business and Finance.  Academic year loans are disbursed in two equal payments.  A disbursement is released in the fall and another in the spring.  If you are enrolled for only one semester, your loan will be disbursed in one payment.

If a student or parent wishes to modify a loan, the Office of Financial Aid requires a dated and signed note (not electronic) indicating the academic year the loan if for (i.e. 2015-16), the revised loan amount and the student name that this change is applicable for.  This must be submitted prior to any change being made to the loan.


Student Consumer Information

The Student Right-to-Know Act

In 1990, Congress passed the “Student-Right-to-Know” Act ( ). The act recognizes that students require specific information in order to make well-informed decisions about the benefits and costs of pursuing higher education. The US Department of Education also recognizes that students need access to clear, transparent information about university policies and outcomes that can help them to make sound decisions about attending any college or university.

Marian University is pleased to publish this specific information about the education that we provide for our students. As an institution, we support your right to know and seek to make sure that the information we provide is clear, accurate, and readily available.

General Information

Quality Education at Marian University

Cost of Attendance at Marian University

Student Financial Assistance

Student Loan Information

Admission and Enrollment Policy

  • Non-Discrimination Policy

Credit for Prior Learning Policies

Student Rights

Student Responsibilities

Student Health and Safety

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