Whether you’ve taken advanced courses in high school, have attended another institution, or are a military veteran, Marian University recognizes that you may come to college with distinctive, college-level learning experiences. And we think you should get credit for that learning.

Marian University has designed pathways to credit for prior learning that will maximize the credit applied to your degree – and maximize your engagement in learning new knowledge, new skills, and new ways of understanding yourself and the world around you.

What counts as prior education?  

Prior education is any learning experience that:

  • results in college-level learning outcomes;
  • is comparable to the quality, nature, content, and level of learning provided at Marian University;
  • is appropriate and applies to your degree program, in light of your educational needs; and/or
  • is recognized by Marian University as college-level prior education, and may result in the award of credit towards your degree

How do I demonstrate prior education?

There are several ways that you can demonstrate your prior education. Marian University has processes in place to evaluate evidence of learning, including:

How do I start the process of evaluating my prior education?

The evaluation of prior education begins in the admission process. You’ll work with Marian staff to review transcripts and results of exams of college level learning you may have already taken. Admission counselors will also explore your learning history and recommend additional actions, such as testing or experiential learning assessment, that can result in the award of credit for prior learning.

The Office of the Registrar will determine the award of transfer credit based on articulation agreements and faculty review of transcripts (as needed). Marian University’s Academic Testing Center, in the Center for Academic Support and Excellence (CASE), can help you register for college-level learning exams and prepare for testing.

Will credit for prior learning be on my official transcript?

Any credit awarded for prior education will be documented on your official Marian University transcript once admitted as a student.


Printed versions of documents on this page are available upon request. Please contact registraroffice@marianuniversity.edu



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