Get In The Game will allow you to learn how to infuse gaming into your classroom.  See how gaming has evolved from ‘bored’ games to the kinds of online interactive games that kids are addicted to.  Let’s use the excitement of gaming in the classroom to get feedback, create formative assessments to guide instruction, and remove biases on gender roles within computer science.  Come join us for a fun filled day of learning and exploring different types of gamification strategies.

Teaching and Learning Collaborative Opportunities That Will Take Place:

  • Educational Equity: We will focus on why, how, and what programs are available to get more girls involved with gaming.  The implicit bias that goes along with computer science like “Girls Can’t Code” needs to be addressed and changed!
  • Highly Effective Practices:  We will use ISTE standards to create learning targets for this workshop.  Participants will learn how to use gamification to get feedback and provide formative assessment to guide instruction.

Session Topics Participants Will Choose From:

  • The day will be an actual game using Seesaw as the vehicle to keep track of their work and for use to add their points at the end to see the ranking. It will also demonstrate how they can use a very flexible tool within their classroom to create a gamified lesson.
  • Where do games fit in my current curriculum? How do they help? Why you should infuse gaming.
  • Examples of how games can enhance learning and serve as formative assessment tools.
  • Play multiple online/digital games while they answer the same questions as above and compare the differences in their answers.

Wisconsin Standards for Teacher Development and Licensure (INTASC):

All ten Wisconsin Standards for Teacher Development will be addressed.

Wisconsin Model Academic Standards Addressed:

All Wisconsin Model Academic Standards for Information and Technology Literacy are addressed within the courses and reflected of alignment within students assignments.

ISTE NETS and NETS Addressed:

(International Society of Technology in Education and National Educational Technology Standards are addressed within the courses and reflected of alignment within students assignments.