Guiding freshmen as they get acclimated to our community

College can seem intimidating at first, and for many the prospect of being on their own is nerve-wracking. But, at Marian University, you’re never alone, and our First-Year Seminar courses introduce freshmen to the countless resources and people that can help them make their college transition a successful one.

Marian University’s First-Year Studies program provides each first-year student a Student Mentor to serve as a role-model and assist with course work. They help students explore critical thinking, critical reading, and critical questioning while putting social responsibility into action.

Additionally, freshmen will also frequently connect with faculty mentors, who will offer guidance for developing their personal values, leadership ability, and strengths.

Orientation 2020

For more information on orientation, visit our NSR page.

Leadership and Personal Development

First-year students can explore leadership opportunities and discover how they can help shape their community for the common good. We offer workshops, programs and retreats, with more information available here.

Transition and Adjustment to Campus

Our First-Year Seminar offerings aren’t the only way for new students to get involved with the campus community. We plan several events throughout the year to help individuals learn more about what life as a Sabre is all about, with a complete list available here.


For many students, entering college is their first time being responsible for their own health and safety. We can help get freshmen up to speed with our various Wellness offerings.