Available services include study groups directed by staff and student leaders, individual tutors, and assistance with study skills (i.e. time management, goal setting, preparing for and taking tests, using support systems within the University). Information and assistance is available in the CASE Office and the Learning and Writing Center. Other resources provided include support for using test to voice technology (Kurzweil).

Academic advising

All undergraduate degree-seeking students are assigned a faculty/staff academic advisor to assist the student in planning their completion of an academic program. The academic advisor is from the student’s selected major. Students who have not yet selected a major are advised by the academic advisor of the EXCEL and Undeclared programs in the Center for Academic Support and Excellence (CASE).

Students are expected to meet with their academic advisor periodically throughout each semester in selecting courses and making any major decisions regarding their academic program, academic requirements, goals, and/or career plans. It is the responsibility of all students to know and observe all the regulations and requirements that apply to their program(s). Academic advisors assist students with decision-making, but final responsibility rests with students. All academic advising related questions should be referred to the student’s academic advisor or the Dean of Academic Advising and Academic Services.

Center for Academic Support & Excellence (CASE)

The Center for Academic Support & Excellence (CASE) is committed to student development and academic achievement, providing a variety of academic resources in a student-centered environment. CASE actively promotes campus partnerships and supportive networking. All services are free to students.

Accessibility Resources

Marian University’s Accessibility Resources is committed to ensuring that individuals with disabilities have equal access to our educational facilities, programs and services. Accessibility Resources collaborates with students and the Marian University community to maintain an accessible learning environment that facilitates student achievement of personal, educational and career goals.

For additional information on Marian’s Policy Applying to Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Disability or to request accommodations, contact the Director of Accessibility Resources at the Center for Academic Support & Excellence, 920.923.8951.

Learning & Writing Center

The Marian University Learning & Writing Center provides assistance to students outside the classroom. Professionals and peers assist students with science, mathematics, reading, writing, and study skills. Study groups are available.

Math Academic Services

Marian University’s Learning Center offers assistance for students in their math courses, Praxis/Core math exams, and general math skills. Students wanting to build their math skills or receive tutoring for their math courses can use both one-on-one help and study groups, coordinated by either the Math Learning Specialist or a peer tutor.  Whether students are having difficulty with a single problem or need further instruction on a math topic to ensure understanding, Math Academic Services is available to provide these resources.

Reading Academic Services

Reading Services assists students with reading and comprehension of college level material and preparation for the Praxis/Core Reading and Writing exams. Kurzweil, a comprehensive web based learning program, with text to speech capability and study skills and writing tools is available to all students.

Science Academic Services

Whether majoring in one of Marian’s science disciplines or fulfilling core requirements, students seeking assistance with their science courses can receive one-on-one support or participate in study groups facilitated by the Science Learning Specialist or by an advanced peer tutor. Additional resources include interactive online resources created by the Science Learning specialist.

TRIO/Student Support Services

Inspired to succeed, Marian University’s TRIO/Student Support Services programs assist students with basic college requirements and motivate students toward the successful completion of their postsecondary education. With the goal of increasing college retention and graduation rates of students of low-income, first-generation students or students with disabilities, students in the TRIO/SSS program receive assistance with academic advising, financial aid and one-on-one tutor opportunities, as well as numerous activities for social and academic advancement.

For more information, contact the TRIO/SSS Office at 920.923.8632 or at Trio.sssoffice@marianuniversity.edu.

Tutor program

Tutoring is available free of charge to any registered student during the fall and spring semesters through The CASE Office.

Undeclared program

The CASE Office assists students who may be uncertain about their choice of a career field and/or major. To help undeclared students make choices compatible with their interests, abilities, and goals, the CASE Office offers various career inventories and other opportunities for students to learn more about themselves and majors that may be of interest to them.

Working Families Grant

Inspired to further one’s education, the Working Families Grant Program works to advance the University’s mission, core values and legacy of service by awarding tuition and stipend grants to economically disadvantaged single parents with dependent children – parents who possess the desire and determination to achieve a four-year undergraduate degree.

For more information, contact the Working Families Program at 920.923.8953.

Writing Services

Marian University Writing Services assists students in gaining confidence and competence in communication skills necessary for successful college learning. Both professional and trained peer tutors assist students in improving writing and compositional skills.  In addition, writing services assists students with proficiency in research and APA and MLA formatting styles and offers services and resources to English Language Learners.